Sunday, October 9, 2011

Snuggling with kitties on cold nights!

You know you are loved when both your kitties snuggle up and sleep with you all night! Morgan slept on top of me and Pickle shared my pillow while snoring in my ear. Some people would find that annoying but I found it to be heaven. I slept so good last night! Better than I have in weeks. I typically get up so early in the morning but I was able to sleep in last night. It was wonderful. And here is hoping that tonight is the same... cause I really could use a few more nights of good sleep to feel fully rested. Good night everyone!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am really nervous about tomorrow... I am having cataract surgery and I know that everything is going to be fine but I can't help but worry. I am not so much worried that things are going to go badly. More I am worried that I am going to go through all of this without it changing anything or making my vision better. This weekend has been rough but cuddling with my girls (Pickle and Morgan) and hanging out with my niece and nephews have helped to keep me distracted.

I am still working on the A Song Of Fire And Ice series. I am on number four but it is driving me mad to not have them finished yet. I keep falling asleep while listening to them.

Well I all hope that you have a great night and wish me luck tomorrow!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Awesome Birthday

Today really was an awesome birthday! I got to work with this on my desk! Daisies are my absolute favorite and they are in a beautiful coffee mug with a kitty that says "Cat Lover". Did I mention that I have recently become addicted to coffee?
I have work tomorrow but I don't want to go to sleep! I don't want this day to end. Right now I am in bed with the girls cuddling. The weather has gotten colder and the kitties are much more lovey since they were shaved a few weeks ago. We love down comforters!
Well I guess I better get to sleep or else I will be useless for work tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

How could a cat so cute be so bad?

Can you believe that a kitty this cute could be so bad? I woke up this morning to Morgan standing on my chest yowling at 4:30AM wanting her food.
Note to cat owners: NEVER give your cat canned cat food! It is like crack to them and they become obsessed.
Later, after her fix of Fancy Feast, she decided to have a shouting match with a crow. WEIRDEST thing I have ever witnessed...

I hate sleeping

Does anyone else hate sleeping? I swear there is hardly two nights out of the week that I can get a good nights sleep. And even then I wake up before the sun. Oh how I wish I was a teenager again where I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat and stay asleep all day long...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain rain go away!

I need to get two of these for Pickle and Morgan!

Hello my name is Kat and I am an Ebay Addict...

Ok everyone, I realize that I think that I may have a problem when it comes to buying things on eBay. I have become obsessed lately and can't help but crave the high that you get when you win a bid on something for only $1.00!!

I have been especially crazy about clip in hair extensions. And not in normal colors either. My co-workers must think that I have lost my mind because every day I come into work with different colors in my hair. Today was going to be baby pink and blue but then work was canceled due to the insane flooding that we are having here in PA. (Please say a prayer for all the families that are being effected right now!)

Thankfully Pickle, Morgan, and I are safe on high ground but we are prepared if we have to break out the inflatable bed and paddle our way to the ark that my friend claims to be building a few miles away. =^_^=

Is anyone else feeling especially scared that the whole 2012 thing is going to come true? First the earthquake in PA and now the flood! Can't wait to see what happens next... I keep waiting for the zombie apocalypse.

Stay safe and stay dry!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pickle Loves Watching YouTube!

Check out this funny video of Pickle being entranced by kitties on YouTube!

Best Friends

I was reminded of a very good lesson yesterday. Cherish your friends! Whether they be human or feline, never forget how luck you are to have these people in your life. Last night I got to hang out at with my best "human" friend and we had a blast. She is the only person that I know who can make me laugh so hard at the drop of a hat. She is someone who I can talk to about anything and I know that she is still going to care about me no matter how crazy or weird I am. I never had friends like that growing up, ones that I felt completely comfortable with.

I think that is why I am such an animal lover...they make the best friends ever. (Except when you are sleeping and they cough up a hair ball on your bed!)

My motto today is "To Be A Better Person Today Than I Was Yesterday"

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morgan's first video!

Here is Morgan's Introduction as well!

Pickle's First Video

Pickle's first video!!
Here we are chilling and I am showing off the new collar tag that I got for her that I blogged about earlier. What should I get engraved on the back? Her name? Or my phone number?

Girls Night

Last night I had a girl's night with my Mom and my niece. We had spaghetti, did some beading, and then we all passed out my 10:00PM. How lame is that? I know that being 27 and having a sleep over at my mother's house is pretty lame in itself but my niece loves me to come with her and I would do anything for my niece! Still I thought that we would have stayed up longer than that. Then this morning I woke up to him...(Pictured above)
His name is Charlie and he is actually my Pickle's old mate. My Mom adopted him after she saw how wonderful Pickle is. The funny thing is that my friend has their son Perry and he is a flame point. Can you tell that we have been converted to a Persian family? Now we are working on getting my sister to get one too!

Today is all about relaxing and doing laundry...I know, those two things do not seem to mix but it is what it is. My niece is over here handing about with me too because I think that it relaxes her to be in a calm environment.

I hope you all have a KatTastic day and I will see you later!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Being Nice

Hey Everyone,
How is your day going? Mine was much better than the past two days. Thank God!

Today's topic is about being nice. Did you ever notice that the nicer you are to people the more you get treated like "poo"? I know that I am probably too nice to people, mainly because of my overwhelming need to have people like me even if I don't like them. But I will go out of my way everyday to make someone smile or to do something nice for someone...and then I get "pooed" on! No one ever seems to return the smile or do something nice for someone else, like passing it forward. They just take and take and then are praised for being witches to others. I have been told that I need to be more witchy but why do I have to lower myself to being a jerk? Why can't they be told to be better people?

Seriously, I know that everyone has their bad days. And no one can be in a good mood all the time. But even when I am feeling miserable I still smile and am polite to people. I am not being fake I am just being a good person. And trust me, if I can manage to do it than so can you!

Now onto the good stuff, cause you always have to end things on a positive note. Yesterday I got the girls matching collars that are red and black with heart tags that say "Ms. Kitty" and bells! They look adorable and I love the sound they make. Thankfully my girls don't mind wearing collars. I have no peripheral vision and have trouble seeing them so the sound helps me know where they are and to not step on them. Pickle doesn't need help making noise though because she snorts all the time due to her extra cute extreme nose. Morgan "the mutt Persian" I think must be part Siamese because she is my talker.

I hope you all have a great night! I am off to do some beading and watch "Game of Thrones"!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introduction To Katness

Hello Everyone!
I am Kat, the crazy cat lady...or at least that is the title that I have claimed for myself. I created this blog site to talk about all the experiences and feelings that are in my head that I probably wouldn't say to the average person. So, I hope that by writing this I am helping others, but to be honest this is really about getting things off my chest and talking about the things that I love, hate, dislike, and can't live without.

I will start off by talking about my two girls, Pickle and Morgan. They are Persian cats and I view them as my children. The three of us spend time together in bed watching the crazy cat videos on YouTube, sharing everything that I eat...(don't ask me how they got into that habit) and we talk to each other about everything. They are my best friends and I wouldn't have a life without them. (Some of you will know how I feel, others of you will tell me to get a life.)

I am going to try and write something every day and feel free to comment as you like. Night everyone! =^_^=