Saturday, September 3, 2011

Girls Night

Last night I had a girl's night with my Mom and my niece. We had spaghetti, did some beading, and then we all passed out my 10:00PM. How lame is that? I know that being 27 and having a sleep over at my mother's house is pretty lame in itself but my niece loves me to come with her and I would do anything for my niece! Still I thought that we would have stayed up longer than that. Then this morning I woke up to him...(Pictured above)
His name is Charlie and he is actually my Pickle's old mate. My Mom adopted him after she saw how wonderful Pickle is. The funny thing is that my friend has their son Perry and he is a flame point. Can you tell that we have been converted to a Persian family? Now we are working on getting my sister to get one too!

Today is all about relaxing and doing laundry...I know, those two things do not seem to mix but it is what it is. My niece is over here handing about with me too because I think that it relaxes her to be in a calm environment.

I hope you all have a KatTastic day and I will see you later!

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