Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Being Nice

Hey Everyone,
How is your day going? Mine was much better than the past two days. Thank God!

Today's topic is about being nice. Did you ever notice that the nicer you are to people the more you get treated like "poo"? I know that I am probably too nice to people, mainly because of my overwhelming need to have people like me even if I don't like them. But I will go out of my way everyday to make someone smile or to do something nice for someone...and then I get "pooed" on! No one ever seems to return the smile or do something nice for someone else, like passing it forward. They just take and take and then are praised for being witches to others. I have been told that I need to be more witchy but why do I have to lower myself to being a jerk? Why can't they be told to be better people?

Seriously, I know that everyone has their bad days. And no one can be in a good mood all the time. But even when I am feeling miserable I still smile and am polite to people. I am not being fake I am just being a good person. And trust me, if I can manage to do it than so can you!

Now onto the good stuff, cause you always have to end things on a positive note. Yesterday I got the girls matching collars that are red and black with heart tags that say "Ms. Kitty" and bells! They look adorable and I love the sound they make. Thankfully my girls don't mind wearing collars. I have no peripheral vision and have trouble seeing them so the sound helps me know where they are and to not step on them. Pickle doesn't need help making noise though because she snorts all the time due to her extra cute extreme nose. Morgan "the mutt Persian" I think must be part Siamese because she is my talker.

I hope you all have a great night! I am off to do some beading and watch "Game of Thrones"!

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